Moretti S.p.A has been dealing with medical devices for over 40 years, with a product range including home-care and mobility aids, anti-decubitus systems, pressure gauges, electro-medical devices, diagnostics, furniture, single-use and sterilisation devices, and surgical and emergency instruments.

The people leading the company

Filippo Fabbrini, Chief Operations Officer, is at the helm of a process of change and improvement that is enveloping the company at every level. He is inclined to innovation and pays close attention to the optimisation of resources and improved process efficiency. He constantly monitors the performance of the company and identifies new levers and areas on which to intervene to improve production efficiency, in collaboration with a work team consisting of the Chief Regulatory and General Affairs Officer, Alessandro Berti, the Research and Development Department Manager, Roberta Teri and the Chief Financial Officer, Maurizio Cartocci.

Chiara Fabbrini, now Sales and Marketing Manager, works together with the Sales Manager, Nicola Stiacci, in defining the company’s sales policy, in coordinating the sales force and in defining and implementing the sales strategies which Moretti aims to use to acquire new customers and improve the loyalty of the existing ones, thus extending its life cycle.

Corporate structure and company organisation

The company Moretti SpA is a family business which has been operating for more than forty years and today is led by its second generation. The shares are all owned by the Fabbrini family. The company organisation provides a pyramidal structure with a division of tasks and responsibilities.

Years of activity
Surface area (mq)

Today, Moretti has over 40 years of history, a staff consisting of over 63 employees and a sales network of over 20 active agents throughout the country.
The corporate headquarters in Cavriglia covers an area of 28,000 square metres, with a warehouse that recorded over half a million movements last year in a product portfolio which includes more than 5,000 items.

There is no end to improvement.

The search for continuous improvement has always been at the basis of the work of Moretti. Each quality standard improvement in the product portfolio is the result of a continuous, across-the-board focus in each business department, on the quality achieved thanks to the company’s work in constantly searching for improvement.