Fewer barriers and more possibilities through innovation and technology. The future is made of people that can live with greater comfort and independence thanks to our aids.

Filippo Fabbrini, CEO


Our vision is projected into a future in which disability, illness or advanced years need no longer be associated with reduced life quality. We aim to make a difference, to change and improve the lives of those who need our aids, promoting their autonomy and independence.


Thanks to our aids we aim to effectively improve the daily lives of those who, due to old age or sickness, live in a state of reduced mobility.
Our commitment is geared to easing and simplifying the everyday life of people with disabilities, the elderly and caregivers. We offer additional comfort in their everyday life, accompanying disabled persons in their delicate process of achieving greater independence.

Our values

Our values guide our work every day and dictate the guidelines for the definition of medium and long term strategies. Our values provide the basis for our decisions and represent the parameters we always consider when assessing the appropriateness of our actions.


We design, develop and market products that truly improve the quality of life of the elderly and people with disabilities. We guarantee their quality and safety and protect it with a rapid and reliable after-sales service.


We are aware that our most important asset is the people who work with us every day to achieve the company objectives.
We see them not only as professionals with essential skills, but also as people with unique and precious personal characteristics that can be enhanced in an inclusive working process that reflects the specific features of each and every one of them.


We believe that the only route to success is the one that protects the surrounding territory, promotes the well-being of the company and pursues each objective with integrity and that lays the foundations for operating transparently and loyally with all company stakeholders.


We are inclined to change and always looking for new areas of optimisation and improvement. Process control is the means of analysing and reviewing methods and procedures and the work of the research and development department guarantees constant focus on technologies and materials that improve the product portfolio.