Over half a million stock movements.

These are the numbers of a logistics department that has, for quite some time, been using innovative technological systems to constantly improve its procedures and times in managing orders.

Moretti has a fully computerised department which only uses printed materials for invoices and for the necessary shipping documentation.
Daily life inside our warehouse includes a significant number of operators; every one of them is equipped with terminals and electrical transport in order to independently manage the whole preparation of an order list updated in real time.
Each operator in charge of order preparation, therefore, completes their order by delivering the goods to be shipped to a specific workstation so that they can be checked and packaged.
In this work area, the specialist personnel take care of the packaging and transfer them to the warehouse area for the courier to pick them up.
Moretti is capable of dispatching goods within one working day from the receipt of the order thanks to the high automation standards and the optimisation of the different work phases.

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