The foundation

It was 1976 when Laura Cellai, her brother Marco and her husband Fabrizio Fabbrini founded Moretti. The business was born as a distributor of health articles of the best-known brands on the national market, directly serving pharmacies, healthcare, orthopedics and hospital retailers. The proposed service seems to respond with specificity and immediacy to market demands, which the three partners know how to anticipate, listen to and make their own.


The development

2004 is an important year for Moretti, the company, now structured and consolidated in the area, has achieved a competitive counter-current strategy, investing in the organization of a large portfolio of aids and devices in the warehouse just when competitors avoid storage. This strategic choice proved to be a winning one soon: Moretti stands out for its service and speed of delivery.


The turning point

The two-year period 2010-2011 is a turning point for Moretti. In recent years, the headquarters has expanded considerably due to an important logistical reorganization, a change that leads to a significant increase in turnover. In the same period, the company invests in a complete restyling of its image and has a spin-off dedicated exclusively to aspects related to communication and marketing. Thus was born Moretti Service and Consulting, a real department specialized in healthcare serving both the company itself and orthopedics, pharmacies or drug distributors who need a competent and specific service in terms of processing and managing communication strategies and marketing.


Made in Italy

2013 is again a year of major changes in Moretti. An internal production sector is born, a space of over 2,200 square meters in which Moretti develops precise expertise in the metal structural work sector, making synergy with the skills gained in the field of product management and research and development. Moretti soon developed an offer portfolio capable of boasting concrete added value on the market and further expanding and elevating the standards and sectors covered by its commercial proposal.


The Generational handover

2014 is another epoch-making year in the history of Moretti, the three founding members evaluate the now twenty-year experience of their children Chiara and Filippo Fabbrini such as to allow him to take on a front-line role. Chiara and Filippo take over the company and lead it together.


40 candles

In 2016 Moretti crosses the milestone of forty years of history. He proudly looks to the many steps forward one after the other in the past, to the extraordinary evolution that the company can boast at all levels in terms of quality achieved. In Filippo and Chiara this pride translates into determination, together they look to the future with the wisdom of those who treasured the acquired heritage and with the solidity of those, precisely recognizing the role that the context of origin played in their evolutionary process , is making it a launching pad to compete worldwide.


Moretti Ibérica

22 September 2020, Moretti Iberica is born. A new company that takes up the Italian Moretti format and opens its doors in the heart of Spain, in Barcelona. The opening of this new reality is part of a large internationalization project, which wants to localize by replicating and adapting the Italian organization in new competitive contexts.

From 2021 to today

Recent years

Moretti is the protagonist of an unprecedented growth process. The strategic evaluations that led the company to invest in the increase in made in Italy production also through the acquisition of two patents and sophisticated programming systems, have proved successful. Moretti has achieved record results in relation to both production and overall turnover and has been able to respond dynamically and flexibly to market developments, moving increasingly in international contexts.