The marketing division of the company takes care of the branding and packaging for all products, designs catalogues and ensures that communication always reflects the company’s values and philosophy.

MOPEDIA: Help for the Home Care and the daily life of the elderly and patients with disabilities.
ARDEA: Transit wheelchairs, self-propelling wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs, 4 wheels electric scooters.
LEVITAS: Static and air mattresses, cushions and aids for decubitus sores prevention.
LOGIKO: Professional and for the home care sphygmomanometers and stethoscopes. Spare parts and accessories.
KYARA: Home care products for adults and children.
LEM: Electrotherapies, suction units and electromedical products for professional and hospital use.
DIMED: Oximeters, electrocardiographs, fetal and vascular dopplers, defibrillators, pacient monitors, ecographs, tocographs, spirometers and colposcopes.
PRESTIGE: Sterile products and disposable. Medical products.
EASYRED: Emergency, resuscitation and first-aid products.
SKEMA: Examination couches, trolleys and pratice furnitures.
STERILIZATION: surgical and dental instruments – products for sterilization.
CHIMO: surgical and dental instruments – sterilization.

TIBODA by Ardea Mobility

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